Scandinavian style, as the name suggests, has its roots in northern Europe. It was initiated by a Swedish painter and interior designer - Carl Larsson. His works maintained in bright watercolors depicted the daily life of Scandinavians, inspired to create a completely new trend in interior design. Undoubtedly, the influence on popularization of Scandinavian style had the Swedish IKEA market activity on society.  

Although, due to the origin of this style, it may seem harsh and cold, in fact, the interiors decorated in Scandinavian climate envelops with warmth and coziness.  House in Scandinavian style perfectly combines minimalism with cosiness through which it gains in functionality and at the same time encourages to relax. And that's the idea behind the Scandinavian style. It does not tolerate pomp and chaos, everything has its place, and the fewer additions the better. In the context of Scandinavian style you can hear about the hygge philosophy. This trend originates from Denmark and guarantees a happy and cosy home. The most important thing in Hygge style is harmony. Hygge philosophy makes the house becomes a coherent whole, so it should dominate in all rooms, not just the living room or bedroom. 

The vision of Scandinavian interior is simplicity, ecology, excessive minimalism and focus on functionality. Scandinavian style is also called Scandi style, but then it occurs in different variants. For example Scandi Chic style is a more luxurious version, in which often as a leading theme appears the color gold. Scandi boho definitely refers to nature. 

Scandi interiors prefer light color scheme, where on walls dominate whites, grays, tans and generally all shades of earth colors. It is not enough that bright walls make the rooms optically smaller, but they also make them brighter. Sometimes walls in scandi interiors are painted with very dark paints. Here dominates dark navy blue, green, or even black. Regardless of the color of the walls, the right choice of accessories such as fabrics, carpets, plants, the introduction of wood into the interior and finally wall decorations allow to effectively warm up the rooms and get the desired climate of cosiness.  

As far as wall decoration is concerned, minimalism is the key here.  

Minimalist watercolors on a white background showing all possible plant and animal motifs are in vogue. One of the well-known and most famous motifs in Scandinavian style paintings is a fern leaf. Tropical leaves and abstractions are equally popular. Particular importance acquired in recent years sets of prints, mainly in America. For example a set of 3 prints of the same size depicting minimalist watercolour flowers, leaves, birds or animals but also abstractions. Gallery walls are also in trend - these are sets of prints (each in different size), showing different motives and painting techniques, but forming a coherent whole. Because art is also characterized by simplicity and minimalism black, beige and browns are often used. Warm tan tones are also popular thanks to the style’s reliance on natural wood pieces, and other nature-inspired colors like sage green pop up in Scandi designs as well.  Scandinavian style will be wonderful forever to those who love it.