Nursery & Kids' room

When it comes to decorating a nursery or playroom, there really can be no limits. Often, however, decorating such a room becomes a challenge, especially for older children.

Changing the decor of the kids room room awaits us at least a few times.The first room we will decorate is the nursery. And here it's up to the parents to decorate the space. While some may find decorating the nursery a challenge, over time we will find that it was the easiest task that we simply had time for. The nursery room should first and foremost be functional for the parents. It is in this space that parents will move around until the baby grows up. Whether it's for a baby boy or a baby girl, a nursery is usually dominated by pastel colors in all shades of pink, lilac or blue. Wall decor complements the interior. Young mothers often opt for muted colors in the room, which bring peace of mind.

When decorating a room for older children it is not worth sticking to the usual schemes and stereotypes. A modern room for a child starting school should be functional, ergonomic, safe and easy to rearrange. Modernity and design in the children's room means departing from the usual schemes, which mainly concern colors. It is commonly assumed that pink is for girls and blue for boys, while we have many more possibilities. And colors have a huge impact on humans, in the case of children - properly chosen, they can stimulate action, develop imagination and creativity. For example, red stimulates action, violet promotes creativity, while yellow increases appetite. So if your child is an eater, using yellow in the room is a good idea. If you want to decorate your child's room in a modern Scandinavian style, go for whites, beiges and greys. These neutral colors are not only timeless, but have a positive effect on the psyche, soothing and calming.

An ideally arranged children's room should have a smooth ability of metamorphosis "growing" with the age of the little boy or girl and ease of modification to suit current needs. Modern design, patterns, colors, as well as all accessories such as cushions, carpets, posters, should reflect the interests and preferences of the little boy and girl.