Hamptons & Coastal

The Hamptons style was born in the northeastern part of the United States. Its name comes from The Hamptons, a popular group of towns that draws crowds of tourists from home and abroad every year. This picturesque coastal area has become the cradle of an interior design style that is gaining popularity in other parts of the world, including Europe.

 Typical American homes in the Hamptons style are characterized by large and high spaces, but the popularity of this style has made it possible to introduce it anywhere, even in small rooms. The use of an appropriate color palette, so typical of the Hamptons style, allows to optically enlarge the space.

Classic Hamptons interior design is characterized by muted colors taken from seaside landscapes. Light elements dominate the rooms, making the interior seem more spacious. White is always the base for the American East Coast style, and it is complemented by the colors of the surrounding nature - water, sand and sky. In contrast, these bright colors are broken with navy blue, black, red and even orange, which gives the interior a unique elegance and grandeur. The color that most often appears in accessories, for example, on pillows, blankets, vases or tableware is blue in various shades, from light blue to cobalt and navy.

As for wall decorations, they faithfully reproduce the colors of nature in seaside resorts and blend with the color scheme of the interior. Soft neutrals, creamy shades, sea greens and blues, tans and light browns harmonize beautifully with the white of the walls. Among the motifs of the wall decorations one can find all possible elements related to the sea and coastal areas. Among birds, images of blue herons, pelicans and hummingbirds dominate. Of botanical motifs, the most popular are sets of 2 or 3 graphics depicting algae, coral, as well as the underwater animal world (lobsters, crabs and, of course, fish). Elements related to the life of sailors and fishermen are also very popular. These include such elements as anchors, sailor shirts, hats or boats and fishing boats. Also, fine art posters with flowers, especially royal flowers such as magnolias and blue or white hydrangeas, are the most popular ways to add stylish wall decor to Hamptons-style homes and apartments. It is worth noting that the prints should made on excellent quality fine art paper, rather than as just posters on thin, often glossy paper. The theme alone is not enough, as Hamptons style is all about elegance and quality, so wall decorations must go hand in hand with good quality furniture and other home decor.

Hampton style furniture should be made of noble materials, such as wood, marble, metal, wicker and linen. In a Hampton style living room, the main role is played by a comfortable, classic and timeless in form and bright sofa set, often in stripes.  On the light linen or cotton upholstery will look great many pillows with pillowcases in colors typical of the Hamptons style, as well as blankets with which you can wrap yourself in the cool evenings. On the coffee table it is worth placing a vase with fresh flowers, especially blue hydrangeas, candles or lanterns.

A great addition to complement the Hamptons living room are large baskets made of wicker, rattan or seagrass, which will hold extra pillows or newspapers, as well as small baskets and glass and metal boxes for trinkets. For lighting a Hamptons-style living room, choose metal or crystal chandeliers.

Decorating in the Hamptons style is all about sticking to the colors of nature, combined with elegance and an opulent lifestyle. In such an interior you live not only comfortably, but also beautifully.

It is worth mentioning, however, that the Hamptons style is evolving and easily passes into coastal or coastal farmhouse style. And although these derivative trends are still maintained in bright color tones, the emphasis is more on coziness, simplicity and functionality in interiors, rather than on glamour and nonchalance. It is enough to change a few elements to give the interior a landhaus-style character. For example, a crystal chandelier can be replaced with one made of wood or rattan. A typical Hamptons carpet can be exchanged for one made of jute, and a silver glamour-style coffee table for one made of natural wood. And high-quality nature prints are best put in frames made of natural oak or birch wood.