Farmhouse & Country

Farmhouse style can basically be divided into 2 categories. The first is the traditional farmhouse and the second is the so-called modern farmhouse, or otherwise known as the city farmhouse. But let's focus on the second one.  

The modern farmhouse style is, as the name suggests, a combination of tradition and modernity.  On one hand, it is based on idyllic inspirations and on the other, on modern influences, which means simplicity and discipline. What is important, it is a very capacious stylistic convention, which can be freely developed according to your own taste.  

City farmhouse is a modern house in the countryside, which is spacious, full of light and enriched with contemporary aesthetic trends. Thanks to that it combines two worlds - the idyllic, calm and traditional one and the more dynamic one, connected with spirit of the metropolis. 

Farmhouse style can be successfully applied both in houses and apartments, but there is no denying that it will look best in large spaces, especially in high interiors. 

Modern farmhouse takes a lot of inspiration from other more modern styles. From the modern world you can take Scandinavian or industrial influences and skillfully enhance them with rustic elements, especially when it comes to wall decor and accessories. 

When it comes to wall decor, fine art prints and vintage style posters are the most popular lately. The themes are of course related to the rural life and these pictures are mainly of plants, animals and landscapes, forests, lakes and everything that is related to the country life. The illustrations of plants in the farmhouse are mostly wild or garden flowers, as well as herbs that can be found in the garden at home or in the nearby woods. Those who are more kuno-modern will go for more minimalistic plants on a white background, which have been very trendy lately. On the other hand, those with a taste for classic style will choose plants or animals on a rustic background. Popular are also paintings by famous painters, which refer to an idyllic life in the countryside. When it comes to landscapes, you can choose from modern abstractions (if prepared in the right colors), as well as those made by famous painters from previous eras. Nowadays, vintage prints are very much in vogue.