Boho Interiors

Boho style is an interior design, which in recent years is gaining much popularity. This style originates from France and dates back to the late eighteenth century. Its name comes from the word "la bohème", which describes a group of bohemian avant-garde artists. Boho style began as a certain artistic trend, but then on the way of evolution entered such areas of life as fashion, and finally interior design. In a large simplification boho style is a loose and informal way of fashion and interior design dictated by a relaxed approach to life and creativity.  

Boho is the concept of a cozy space filled with personal details and furnishings in the form of light, comfortable furniture, rugs, pillows, wicker baskets and jute rugs. Boho fans love handmade ornaments and furniture with history. 

Boho style is quite diverse and therefore can be distinguished several trends. The most important of which are boho coastal and boho eclectic 

Both trends rely on an intuitive approach to aesthetics, just as bohemian artists did. It should be remembered that the boho style is based on naturalness. All elements - colors, materials, textures - should refer to it.  

One of the most important differences between the coastal boho trend and boho eclectic is the difference in colors.  

Boho eclectic style relies on dark greens, which resemble jungle plants. Deep navy blue and and turquoise are gaining popularity. The interior in boho eclectic style will also include muted yellows, oranges (especially burnt sienna), and browns. Here on the walls work perfectly any motifs of tropical leaves and exotic flowers, as well as animals.  One of the most famous and peculiar motifs in paintings for boho style is monstera leaf (monstera deliciosa). Well known are also motifs with cacti and succulents. Plant motifs on walls are a great solution, especially for those who love plants but do not necessarily succeed in planting them. The art can be made in the most diverse painting techniques. Very popular in recent years have become images made in watercolor technique. In the boho eclectic rooms the colors can be darker, and more intense, regardless of whether it will be a minimalist picture or an abstract.  

Coastal boho style, on the other hand, is mostly earthy colors, which intermingle with each other. Boho coastal interior is arranged in colors of beige, gray, light and faded brown and turquoise. While boho eclectic is characterized by quite intense, contrasting colors, in boho coastal the colors go harmoniously from one to another. There are no contrasts here, the interior is characterized by harmony and peace. The same goes for the wall décor.